Vanity Units, Basins and Baths

The ByFreddy bathroom team will instal freestanding or built-in vanity units, hand basins, splashbacks and baths. You have the choice of any materials as long as they can work in wet areas. Moreover we can customise according to your creative ideas. You may not have thought of all the possibilities, and here are some below.

Vanity Units

Does your vanity unit look dated and unimaginative? The vanity unit is usually a hand basin integrated into a set of drawers and/or cupboards. Most commonly the construction is timber, laminates or PVC. They are generally topped with laminates, ceramic or polished stone, such as marble, granite, etc. Some are stainless steel - great for commercial and industrial bathrooms. Our team can custom carpenter your vanity units to match your other fixtures. Or you can choose from a huge range of prefabricated units from classic heritage designs to very modern looks. The vanity usually also has an easily cleaned splashback behind it to protect the walls. Sometimes it is a large bathroom mirror. It can also be of glass, tiles or timber with the mirror mounted onto it. A modern splashback product is one huge tile patterned with florals or geometrics.


The hand basin for your bathroom can come in different forms. It can be a single or double basin, depending on how many in your family. For commercial buildings, a row of basins is normal. Basins can be built into a vanity unit, in which case there are many styles. You can choose variations on the conventional oval to rectangular shapes with the drain hole in the centre. The basin can also stand on top of the vanity like a bowl on a table. Such basins can be ceramic or porcelain, any kind of shaped stone, cement or terrazzo, steel, plastic, glass or even wood. Often they are plain simple round or conical shapes, but you can obtain quite ornate shapes and styles too. Another option is a free-standing pedestal with the basin on top. Or how about a very modern invention: a simple curved plate tilting down to a linear drain aperture? They are super easy to clean, and very elegant.


In Australia, bathtubs must meet certain minimal quality and manufacture standards. Also there are regulations about how they are to be installed. One such rule is the distance from the bath to electrical outlets. Waterproofing is also taken very seriously. Once our bathroom builder has clarified the regulatory details, you can work with him to get creative about your bathtub and its surrounds.

Here are some different bathtub styles to ponder: