4.8 Rating | 1124 Reviews

Very helpful and informative so far!

Clare Anderson

Pleased with the survey. I felt I was being listened to.

Caroline Dunstan

Sam was great. Really enthusiastic, well informed and just about the right level of salesyness (that is a real word, honest!).

Matt Devine

Sam was very informative, honest, understanding and friendly.

Jennifer Debrah

Very pleased to meet Sam this morning, very friendly and knowledgeable.

Carrie Pearson


Kate Adams

Thanks for coming to quote

Sarah Head

Very pleasant and confident young man arrived to do the quote.

Patricia Douglas

When Sam visited out house with a view to completing a Bathroom refit the ideas he suggested really helped us with our new bathroom design and concept

Garry Down

Professional and respectful, taking time to listen and offer solutions to existing problems. I cannot rate your service highly enough from the initial enquiry receiving excellent communication to the site visit itself Simply first class.

Sam Buchanan

Sam was very informative on giving us information on ideas for a new bathroom taking into account what our requirements were but also giving suggestions. Will wait for quotes to arrive and will then be deciding. Thank you Sam for your visit.

Stephen Payne

An informative and helpful first meeting with Sam. Helped me think things through -thank you

Jo-anne Alner

Louise was very informative helpful and efficient - I look forward to my plans.

Fiona Galton

Very helpful visit from Louise. Listened attentively to our requirements and took measurements. Explained discounts and left brochures. Very pleasant meeting.

Robin Scott

Great service, thanks Krista!

Nathan Stanton

On time, very professional and knowledgeable. She detailed the process going forward well.

Ashley Hicks

Oversll Good service

Nayna Patel

mandy rin

Very friendly professional and knowledgeable! On time and easy to understand stand the steps etx

Claire Garner

Louise was very friendly - super professional and efficient. She was clear in her communications about what happens next and what to expect and managed our expectations well. I am very much looking forward to seeing the quote and working with you going forward. very impressed with the friendliness and level of customer service that has been demonstrated so far. Thank you!

Philippa Snare

Very friendly , answered all questions. Polite in manner

Vicki Heap

Impressed with the service so far. The consultant explained the process.

Neil Manthey

Good visit - rang in advance when delayed. Awaiting quote

Douglas Milne

Punctual, polite, helpful and friendly service from Krista this morning.

Andrew Fleming

Thank you for your professional approach.

Sally Keill

Louise was very professional and explained what she was doing throughout her visit ie photos, video etc. Thank you for coming Louise.

Amanda Allcock

Louise was helpful and informative as well as being very friendly and polite. Thank you!

Sam Mcwilliam

Sarah Biles

Nadeem Chaudhry

Arrived later than appointment time but I was free for this afternoon anyway

Liz Stephenson

Very pleasant and professional visit. Gives me confidence for the next phase.

Suzanne Gray

A very good session this morning. Absolutely no complaints. The consultant was very efficient and personable. I am expecting a brilliant set of recommendations.

Naipaul Ojar

Nigel Barnett

Impressed with Sam’s enthusiasm! Looking forward to working with the team.

Stephen Pritchard

Sam was really nice and professional. His explanation was clear and concise and the timing was great. He didn't drone on and on like some do!

Helen Pennington

Very helpful and knowledgeable There seems to be a very efficient system in place - just hoping the quote is as good :)

Lorraine Wilkinson

Sam was really good. He explained everything in detail how they work and what all services they do . He was extremely helpful with lots of creative ideas.


Shir akbari

Really enjoyed the visit from Sam. Great manner, enthusiastic, creative and informative. Instilled good confidence. Look forward to receiving the outline quotation.

Jason Myatt

Both representatives were professional and extremely helpful to answer our questions, providing great suggestions to what we are hoping to achieve

Emma Sewell

Your guys were professional and polite We hope they start the job as soon as possible.

Zinat Rahezani

Very good, clear and knowledgeable

Andrew Williams

Makes it all sound so easy!

Tracy Gostick

The initial meeting with Sam was very positive. Although I don’t know anything about this company and I am a little bit tentative dealing with a company/people who have not been recommended; it does sound a little bit like a cliche, “too good to be true.” I’m hoping it’s not.

Bob Chahal

Thank you to Sam for taking the time to visit me even if it’s a bank holiday! I’m so pleased hearing Sam’s suggestions and ideas for our bathroom. Overall, I received efficient and friendly service from Sam. He was very knowledgeable, and he offered advice on what suitable products and variants would best suit our needs. Thank you and I look forward to receiving the 3D design and quote for our bathroom. Highly recommend!

Joanna potter

Sarah Conway

Sam was very informative, maintained social distancing and was in uniform. He supplied the quotes in the timescale he promised.

Victoria Nichols

get service and informative and design ideas as well

Peter Campbell

Very informative and knowledgeable. Looking forward to getting a quote!

Stuart Johnson

Friendly, honest and informative

Sarah Velzian

Very helpful

Robert Mitchinson

I met with Sam today. He was kind, extremely professional, honest & super helpful. I am looking forward to working with him & the Go Freddy team, hoping the quotation works with my budget.

Allison Robison

Sam from byFreddy visited us today with a view to giving us a quote for renovation of our bathroom. He was so nice, helpful and creative. He's a real professional!

Janie Zohrer

Very professional and clear in terms of explaining what's involved and has delivered the quotes immediately.

Sunil Venkat

Great Work

Roger Sampson

Could you please keep me updated??

Wally Kluk

Very efficient and informative. Thorough with explanations and plans. Very Reassuring when taking up a venture like this to be in safe hands.

Rob Flynn

Charlie Burton

Very thorough and professional discussion about our options with the space and potential costs.

Diane Highet

Sam was fantastic, listened to what I wanted and was very encouraging. Knew what I wanted and supplied a quote to suit. The work required is more than we want to do at the moment but will review at another date. Thanks

Elaine Stanway

A good informative meeting. To the point. Freddy was very polite and answered every question. Thank you

Esther Wheble

Great friendly and helpful

Katherine Tucker

Very professional and friendly approach to the clients. Very knowledgeable, they asked lots of questions to make sure they get the client’s view of the bathroom.

Anna Grabarczyk

Thanks I’ll be happy to have a second thought to the options, can we talk?

Miss Lopez

Sam was very helpful and knowledgeable and we thought he had some great ideas on how to use the space we had more effectively.

Marisha Suri

Sam explained how the process would work and was very attentive to my requests and offered solutions and ideas for the space. The quotes arrived very swiftly and follow up calls as set out in the meet.

Anna Hackett

Sam was very polite and professional. Also respected virus rules.

Reg Dodman

Very polite and helpful. Answered questions well.

Gwen Moulster

The appointment today went well. He was very informative on the company, it’s system and the benefits I will get as a customer. I am looking forward to the quotes. Thanks for the visit.

Jiyoung Wilson

Was visited today by one of your reps who was very friendly and polite he measured my bathroom and gave me excellent advice very helpful and customer friendly

Jennifer Springer

Very satisfied.

Renuka Renuka Thakore

Great very friendly & thorough!

Lauren gardiner

Mr sam was very friendly, gave good advice.

Krishna Rana Magar

Very good experience and very professional

Charli Whitlock

Great appointment . I was very happy with the service I’ve had today. We discussed what I would like and what was possible in the space . I am looking forward to seeing the virtual pictures

Jane Neal

Very happy so far

Chris Burns

Professional and informative

Mohamed Ismail

Listened to requirements and came up with lots of interesting ideas. Looking forward to seeing plans and quotes.

Juliet Grieve

Binod Purja

Sam was quick and efficient, had helpful suggestions. Nice friendly chap.

Chris Norman

Provided me with a lot of info as well as a few suggestions. Appeared very knowledgable.

Sue Dixon

Very informative person. Explained how the whole process works from start to finish. I like the fact that he came up with suggestions and alternatives, but left it up to me to decide. No pushy sales etc, just honest advice and options. Left me with the appropriate catalogues and informed me exactly what the next process will be. Even showed me a typical customer quote, which was fully broken down and made things very clear as to costs etc.

Bobby McLeish

Yes, in uniform

Nick Goldsmith

Pleasant visit with Sam. Glad that it may 9nly take one day to remove a bath and replace with a shower tray.

Maureen Sheehan

Annette Blann



Liam Scott

Anthony John Power

Very helpful and extremely pleasant


Ok / on time need the Quote thanks

Clive beal

Margaret Adlam

Very smart and profesional

Sue walker

He was nice, polite and helpful. He was knowledgeable and had good suggestions

Hannah Penrose

Robert Ramsden


Brilliant concept, works very well. Easy to understand

sabina cannell

Christine Moffat

They were very friendly and helpful.

Sanjay Sanil

Very professional.


Michael Martin

Very imformative and had a genuine interest in our project.

Robert Adams

Bob Clarkson

Very impressed by Sam's attention to detail and genuine enthusiasm! Looking forward to getting the quote!

naomi jane brine

Very impressive service so far - made the quoting process very easy and the expected timeline of work very clear!

Hannah Siggers

Very knowledgable. Not 5 stars as only rating on an initial visit.

shayley white

Kevin Wheeler-osman

Very professional service.

Maria Wybrow

Sam explained the whole process very clearly. Look forward to receiving the quote.

Mark Williamson

Great, he really help but i dont really have much of a budget.

Praveen Mathews

Jean's trainers and hoodie with byfreddy on the front. But clean and tidy. Well spoken and explained the company well.

Sandra Vaughan-king

Sue Zirps

Fiona Chaillier

Sam was a little late however he called me when he was on his way to let me know so that was fine. He was in his uniform, was very polite and courteous, not at all pushy as some and gave me some really useful advice and ideas on how I could replace my bathroom and en-suite.

Bob grange

Excellent..very professional but very friendly felt at ease not pressurised at all ..Explained everything well lovely man

Elaine Johnson

Sam was very helpful and honest during his visit.

Charlotte Broughton

Very happy with the service we received today, and looking forward to receiving quotes and hopefully working together in the near future

Pam Elliott

Sam was very pleasant and easy to talk to. He described an effective style of project management and seemed to be aware of the need to act in the customer's interest. He also seemed to have reasonable knowledge about the installation process, but it was clear he did not claim to be an expert installer, nor to have extensive knowledge of every available product. However, he listened well and gave the impression he would research choices that should meet our desires. We look forward to seeing the quote.

Kim Thomas

Explained everything well and was fine.

Ro Woods

On time, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful

Iqval dale

I think the representative knows exactly what he has to do which is a positive impact

FA Fidelis Akanga

Really friendly knowledgeable guy

Sarah Busby

Very friendly and helpful - looking forward to receiving the quotes

Shani Thirlwell

From initial contact, came to the home quickly to view the job at hand. Seemed knowledgable and was able to roughly quote us a price. Seemed eager to help us get the job done to our time frame.

Kausari Mukadam

Sam was very polite, informative and efficient. He said it can be done quickly and I will get a quote within a day.

Leanne Jones