Bathroom Renovations and Extensions

Let’s face it: bathroom designs get dated and no longer suit your tastes. A good time to renovate is when you notice your rooms looking a bit shabby, and the wear and tear has been building up. You may simply want to give walls or furniture a fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a new colour scheme. Perhaps you want to remove or add a bathtub, replace an old vanity unit or instal a bidet. Or you may have a complete design makeover planned, involving a whole new look, textures, colours styles and fixtures. Alternately, you may be wanting to increase the size or change the access point of your room. This may be because your family is growing, or other adjoining parts of your house are being altered. If you are renovating a business it may be because you have more employees. Or perhaps your old bathrooms are no longer compliant with modern regulations.

What we do:

We have a complete building team who can tackle not just what you have planned but any problems that might be discovered.


  • knock down walls and ceilings that need to be moved or replaced
  • tear up floors that are leaking, damaged or have to be re-laid or new foundations installed
  • build and waterproof new walls and ceilings to integrate with the rest of the house or building
  • waterproof and lay new floors in the materials of your choice, eg tiles, cement or stonework
  • remove, relocate or replace existing plumbing and electrical fittings and other bathroom fixtures
  • our carpenters can re-make the timber framing and panels of cupboards, vanities, doors and windows
  • install new shower cubicles, alcoves and glass work
  • repair any elements of the bathroom that are going to be kept in the renovation


  • we work with your architect or building engineer to design and build a bathroom that is an add-on or extension of your building
  • plan the extension of an existing bathroom (eg ensuite) into existing interior spaces
  • give you advice about light, air, moisture and how to protect the existing building
  • advise on materials that will resist industrial-type exposures such as chemicals, colours, salts, impacts, heat, freezing, etc
  • integrate the join between the existing building and new extension so that it is a smooth, aesthetic transition
  • our designer can give you ideas for interior design, the styles and materials of fixtures, etc.
  • do all the masonry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, carpentry, painting, tiling and fitout that is required by the new bathroom