Bathroom Plumbing

Plumbing is an essential consideration before designing a new bathroom or extension. It may also be important in renovations and repairs depending on how detailed you go or what needs fixing. All plumbing has to meet Australian Standards, therefore ask our licensed plumbers for help with your bathroom.

Bathroom floor plumbing

The bathroom floor is the foundation of the bathroom. It should be slightly below the level of the room or hallway outside it, so any floods (eg an overflowed bath or leaking tap) can be contained. The floor must slope to a drain so water can get away to the outside. It must also be sealed against any water leaking down through the floor covering or into the foundations. This is of major importance if the bathroom is upstairs. If your floor plumbing is not done right, many problems can occur, such as standing water, mould, rotten smells, degradation of walls, leakage into other rooms, etc. ByFreddy has qualified tradesman who will get this foundation right for you.


The taps in your shower, bath and hand basin can be stylish and match the rest of your decor. They usually come in metals - stainless steel, copper and brass. You can get black or dark bronze taps too. Some taps are coated with white or coloured ceramic or plastic for a softer look and feel. Mixer taps are especially good for saving water and avoiding uncomfortable or dangerous temperatures on the skin. However some people prefer separate hot and cold taps. In either style, you can have the taps fixed, swivelling or on a gooseneck for extended reach. Most modern taps require regular maintenance, corrosion removal and sometimes replacement, unlike the old workhorse brass that used to be common 50 years ago. So remember to include taps in your maintenance regime.


Traps are the curved pipes that carry waste water away. You see them coming from toilets and hand basins. There are several roles of the bends in the pipes:

P-traps are the norm for shower and bathroom floor drains. They go from the back of the toilet or sink and out through the wall. Alternately S-traps go straight down into the floor. They can be a problem if gravity keeps draining the water out of your toilet. Traps may be outside the building or inside. It depends upon your space, layout and design. Discuss these issues with our bathroom plumber for the best solution.

We can fit and repair:

Our bathroom team includes experienced, licensed plumbers who can attend to any of the plumbing required in your new or revamped bathroom.