Bathroom Masonry, Tiling and Floors

When you are doing a new build or extension, you can choose your type of wall and floor. It can match or contrast with the rest of the house or building. However if you are renovating, you may have to match the structure of walls and floors to the existing ones. You can always use veneers and tiles to achieve a more artistic look.

Masonry walls and partitions

Masonry, for example a brick or block wall, is a good choice because of its strength, durability and ability to carry the weight of decorative veneers and fixtures. If you’ve used attractive bricks or blocks, you can leave the wall undressed as a feature wall. Or cover the basic brickwork with any kind of wet-area suitable panelling. Another long-lasting and beautiful possibility is a solid stone wall of natural rock. This looks great in heritage or ultra-modern style bathrooms that are big enough to accommodate the feature aesthetically. They are great in farmhouse bathrooms too. If you are renovating, load bearing walls can be re-faced with stonework or tiles. Or we can build privacy partitions that can be veneered with decorative stone, timber or tile surface panels. Whatever you end up choosing for your walls and partitions, we will ensure they are properly sealed against standing water, splashing and moist air.


Bathroom floors must meet regulations regarding drainage and waterproofing. Starting with this foundation, we will work with you to design a compliant, safe and aesthetic floor that suits your sense of style. We can offer you everything from basic polished concrete to every kind of stone, glass and ceramic tiling finish. Furthermore, rubber tiling is available particularly for commercial bathrooms where slipping may be a major public health risk. Examples of this situation include clinics and hospitals, sports buildings, factories, children’s centres, aged homes, etc. To keep your bathrooms looking great, our maintenance service offers regular re-sealing of stone floors, such as travertine tile, and repairs to chips and cracks.


Tiles for bathroom walls, floors and vanity unit tops or splashbacks come in an astounding range of materials, textures, shapes, colours and styles. We can tile walls all the way up or part way up, leaving the top half for painted gyprock, timber panelling or something else you prefer. We can tile the whole bathroom floor or only parts of it, such as the shower alcove. If you have a squat toilet, the pedestal can be tiled too. If you prefer plain, there is a wide range of ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles that will give you a soothing under-stated background. However if you want to ‘go for it’ artistically, we can customise any design because tiles come in sheets or individually. Mosaics on the walls or floor can be made with small or large units. Or you can have main areas of neutral tiles with decorative strips or insets of colour or pebble panels. Glass or metal tiles make for a very modern, bright look, and are strong, waterproof and easy care. Mirror tiles provide a light, open feel in small, dark bathrooms. Stone tiles can give you looks from ancient and heritage to ultramodern. Sparkly quartzite or granite tiles are lovely as darker flooring or decorative panels in a lighter background. Crazy stone slate is often dark, very attractive, but needs a lot of attention to regular waterproof sealing. Likewise with the pale options of limestone and travertine tiles. Our specialist tilers can work with the bathroom builder to achieve any outcome you desire.