Bathroom Carpentry

Some aspects of bathroom carpentry differ from dry area carpentry. The main factor is that the wooden furnishings need to be built and finished to prevent water damage. That means proper waterproof sealing of joins with floors and walls. It means non-wooden feet on freestanding items. Also wooden surfaces need to be coated with waterproof paint, lacquer or other sealer. The tops of wooden vanity units can also be a naturally waterproof material. Otherwise all the beauty, diversity and style of wood are equally available for your bathroom. We can custom make any bathroom items you require, or provide prefabricated units from our extensive collection. Or if you are repairing or renovating and want the same style as before, we can make furniture to match what you have.

Cupboards, shelves and vanities

Wooden cupboards, shelves, vanities and their drawers can be made by our carpenters as freestanding or wall-mounted units. They can also be on wheels, especially if they are large and heavy. Your vanity can be all wood, in which case the top needs to be very well sealed with a waterproof finish. Alternately consider a stone, tile, ceramic, metal or plastic top.

Walls and partitions

It is possible to have wooden walls and partitions made for your bathroom. However, as mentioned above, they will have to be well sealed against water entry and damp air. You can enjoy the warm, organic feel of wood in the bathroom, traditionally a place of stone and ceramic, if proper sealing of wood is done. Partitions can also have stainless steel feet to avoid water damage from the floor.

Doors and architraves

Wooden doors and architraves are available for bathrooms, provided the base of the architraves are protected from moisture entry. Doors can be swinging or sliding, prefabricated or custom carpentered.

Outdoor bathrooms

There's more freedom to use wood in outdoor bathrooms, because the higher ventilation rate generally keeps things drier. Your outdoor bathroom can have a lovely timber slat privacy screen, or even wooden shower splashback. If you live in a sunny area, we can protect the timber from ultraviolet and warping by using suitable types of wood and special coatings. The outdoor bathroom is a place to get wildly creative - ask us about what we can do with you.